Lithography is a printing technique based on the principle of repulsion of fat and water. On the printing plate (a grease-sensitive limestone), mpulsive work with a brush is possible as well as fine scraping and line drawings. On the first day you will learn to grind the surface of the litho stone. You will draw with chalk or ink and prepare the stone for printing. Smaller editions can be printed on the second day.

In this workshop you can try out experimental techniques or deepen your knowledge, depending on your interests. Course participants can set their own priorities and learn, for example, how to print with several colors, create white-line-images or design a folding booklet.


Course times: Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm | Price per person and per course: 250€

Course participants are asked to bring work clothes, sturdy shoes, sketches and some food. Above-average material consumption will be invoiced separately.


I accept registrations by mail:
If you are interested in a course, you can also reach me by phone at: +49 (0)1577 - 6484978